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Schools: Fundraising Materials From Label Planet

Monday 18th May 2015   /   Schools   /   0 Comment(s)

With the launch of our brand new Fundraising Guide and our Booster Scheme, we’ve created a whole heap of materials for schools and PTAs to download from our website and use as part of their fundraising efforts.

In fact, we’ve come up with so many different bits and pieces, we thought it would be wise to set up a dedicated downloads page, so that it’s really quick and simple for schools and PTAs to download the resources they want to use.

Unfortunately, we spent all of our creative energy setting up these materials, so the best name we could come up with for the downloads page is … Really Useful Downloads (sorry).

This page contains downloads of our:

  • Fundraising Guide
    Our brand new guide includes; a brief overview of Label Planet and our commission scheme; the benefits of joining our commission scheme; the steps to follow to get registered and earning commission; advice on letting people know about the scheme; information about our name label products (including product information, packs and pricing information, despatch and delivery information, and ordering information); our Commission Booster Plan (to get the best results from your fundraising efforts); example letters for raising awareness amongst parents; and all of the website links and contact information you might need.
  • Parent Leaflets
    These leaflets include basic information about our name labels, commission scheme, ways to order, and an order form that can be used for postal orders.
  • Notice Board Poster
    A poster to download and display on noticeboards in school to help raise awareness of the fundraising scheme.
  • Example Parent Letters
    Sending a covering letter with leaflets and/or samples will help to boost the commission you earn; we’ve put together some sample letters that you can use as they are or as a starting point to create your own.

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