How To Order Name Labels For A Group Of Residents

Residential Care Homes: How To Order Name Labels For A Group Of Residents

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How To Order Name Labels For A Group Of Residents

Name Labels for Residential Homes

We have a number of nursing homes and residential care facilities who order our name labels on behalf of their residents to help prevent clothing, linen, and personal items from getting mixed up or going missing.

Moving into a care home can be a worrying experience and name labels are unlikely to be top of anyone’s list if they are moving or helping someone else to move into a facility. However, name labels can be extremely beneficial and a wonderful tool to help prevent unnecessary work for staff members and unnecessary emotional distress for residents.

Care and residential facilities tend to have a lot of communal areas and shared laundry facilities, which means it is all too easy for clothing to be mixed up or for items to go missing, which can lead to staff members spending a lot of time returning items to their rightful owners or individuals worrying about where something has gone. It can be especially distressing for residents when their personal belongings go missing because the items they keep with them will often be of particular emotional significance, meaning it can be devastating if such an item is lost.

Name labels are a quick and easy solution; our Stikins ® name labels simply stick on and stay on. These labels can be applied by anyone – family and friends of residents, staff members, or residents themselves, and they can be applied to the wash care labels of clothing or onto any personal items.

Our name labels can be ordered for individuals – by residents or by a family member or friend acting on their behalf – BUT they can also be ordered by nursing and residential care facilities themselves. These labels can save staff members a lot of time and help avoid the fallout of items being mixed up or lost entirely. Plus, if facilities contact us and order labels from us directly, we are happy to offer them a 10% discount on their order.


While care homes can place an order online like any other customer, the best way to place group orders is via email (this also allows us to make sure you receive your 10% discount!).

Simply send us an email with the details of your order and we will send you a proforma invoice against which you can make payment (by cheque, bank transfer, or credit/debit card payment).

Remember to let us know: the delivery address for the order, the product(s) you want to order, the pack size(s) you want to order, and the name(s) you want printed. If you are ordering for a large number of residents, the best thing to do is to send us the names in an Excel spreadsheet.

Find out More about our Name Labels

Of course, if you have any questions or issues with placing an order you can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

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