A Helping Hand For Nursing & Residential Care Homes

Residential Care Homes: A Helping Hand For Nursing & Residential Care Homes

Monday 23rd March 2015   /   Residential Care Homes   /   0 Comment(s)

Moving into a nursing or residential care facility is a big and often daunting change faced by increasing numbers of people. A lot of things need to happen very quickly, often while a person is unwell or in recovery. The whole experience can be stressful and traumatic for both the individual making the move and for friends and family who are helping them to do so.

With so many things to think about, not many people think about the practicalities of day to day life while in care. Facilities tend to offer services to their residents such as cleaning and laundry, while residents themselves often share communal areas. With so many people working and living in such close proximity, it is easy for mix ups to occur between clothing, bedding, and personal items.

Name labels are a helping hand for the staff and residents of nursing and residential care homes. They help staff to quickly and easily identify who owns a particular piece of clothing or bedding, and help residents avoid the distressing situation of losing their personal belongings, which often carry significant sentimental value.

Stikins ® are a very simple to use and quick solution to the problem of items going missing in care. These multipurpose labels can be applied onto the wash-care label of garments or directly onto personal items. The soft, white vinyl label won’t cause any discomfort when garments are worn and the solid black font makes it quick and easy to identify the owner of any item that may have been misplaced or mixed up with other items.

Trons ® are an iron on name transfer, which creates a completely permanent name labelling solution for any fabric item. These labels work in the same way as transfers used to apply designs to T-shirts; they fuse and bond directly with the fabric of an item to become a permanent name label on any fabric item. These can be used to label clothing, including items without wash-care labels (such as socks), and items of bedding or linen that a resident has with them.

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