Protect Your Pens & Pencils With Stikins ® Name Labels

Product Information: Protect Your Pens & Pencils With Stikins ® Name Labels

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Protect Your Pens & Pencils With Stikins ® Name Labels

Stationery is notoriously difficult to keep hold of; it’s small, easy to lose, is usually used (and left behind) in common shared spaces, and most of it looks pretty much exactly the same (even if your child insists otherwise).

Stikins ® name labels are a neat and easy way to keep stationery safe; whether your child is armed with just a few pens and pencils, has a full set of mandatory mathematical and scientific sets to keep track of, or even if they’ve simply been very insistent that they absolutely positively have to have a full set of highlighters and coloured pens for “colour coding” their notes this year – particularly if getting all of those items in the first place means spending hour after hour traipsing around the shops while your child tries to pick out the perfect pencil case for this school year (along with all those “essentials” to go in it).

Name labels can help make sure that, should those items go for a wander, there’s a better chance that they’ll make it back safe and sound. This is especially important in schools where stationery is often similar (if not identical), extremely easy to lose in busy classrooms, and quite expensive to replace – especially if your child is required to have specialist kits or craft materials.

Choose Stikins Name Labels for Stationary

Stikins ® simply stick on and stay on, so it’s very quick and easy to get stationery labelled; labels can be applied by children or adults and are suitable for use on items of all shapes and sizes.

With narrow tools, such as pens and pencils, you should apply your Stikins ® lengthwise so you can read the name down and around each item. It’s easiest to read a name label with the text printed on one line but you can quite easily rotate the item to read both lines if you need a longer name and/or contact information printed on your name labels.

Of course, they’ll also come in handy at home or at work to help avoid those inevitable situations when you need to write an important bit of information down and all the pens have disappeared, or you need to put together an important document or set of notes only to find that someone has wandered off with your stapler (or the box of staples) right at the crucial moment.

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