Name Labels: The Back To School Essential That Should Be On Every Parent’s List

Product Information: Name Labels: The Back To School Essential That Should Be On Every Parent’s List

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Many parents may be looking in despair at the list of “essential” uniform and equipment that their child’s school has handed down to them and wondering why on earth they would choose to ADD anything to that list.

While we know we’re biased on the matter, we believe very strongly that name labels are an important resource for parents and for schools – particularly when few people have extra money and time to spare.

Lost property is a nightmare for parents and for members of staff; parents don’t want to spend time and money replacing items that are (usually) less than a year old and (often) quite expensive to buy, while teachers and members of staff have far more important things to do than collecting and storing lost property, contacting parents and pupils about the issue, and organising events in the hopes of reuniting even a handful of items with their owners.

The school environment brings hundreds of people and their possessions into one shared place and, as most of those items will be similar if not identical in appearance, it is inevitable that some items will get mixed up or go missing entirely. However, schools have the benefit of being an enclosed space, which means that lost items with a name label can be turned in to Lost Property and reunited easily with their owners, compared to the difficulties of losing things in public, open spaces.

Types of Name Labels and Transfers

Our name labels are quick and easy to use and, once applied, they provide a quick and easy way to identify the owner of an item. Stikins ® name labels simply stick onto the wash care label of clothing or directly onto the surface of school equipment or personal items; they take a moment to apply but will remain firmly in place, often outlasting the item they have been applied to. Our Trons ® name transfers are for use on clothing and fabric items, where they bond and fuse with the material to become a truly permanent name label.

You can find more information about our name label products here, including details about how they work, the materials they are made of, and the pack sizes available:
Stikins ® Name Labels
Trons ® Name Transfers

So, while it might seem that name labels are just another expense (and one that you can choose to avoid), in the long run they may prove to be the very thing that saves you money by making it easier for your child to bring all of their belongings home safe and sound.

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