Name Labels For Lunch Boxes

Product Information: Name Labels For Lunch Boxes

Thursday 2nd July 2015   /   Product Information   /   0 Comment(s)

Apart from labelling school uniform and equipment, our Stikins ® are a brilliant way to add a name label to lunch boxes and water bottles.

It’s easy for lunch boxes to go astray and adding a name label is a quick and easy way to avoid this. Stikins ® simply stick on and stay on – even if you put your lunch boxes and water bottles through the dishwasher!

There are so many benefits to adding a name label to lunch boxes and water bottles:

  • Name labels help your child keep track of their lunch box and water bottle at school – even if they are stored in shared spaces. Children often have similar tastes, which means that many classes will end up with a set of lunch boxes and water bottles that are either very similar or identical in appearance: adding a name label means that the right lunch will always end up with the right child.
  • If you’ve got two or more children at home, adding name labels to their lunch boxes and water bottles means that even if they have the same ones there will be no more arguments about which box and bottle belongs to whom!
  • You can use name labels to add medical alerts to lunch boxes and water bottles, including any allergies or medical conditions that your child has. This means that this information will always be on hand for staff to see just in case an emergency should occur – regardless of whether or not the staff have already been informed about any such existing medical conditions.
  • Name labels are useful for big kids as well! Whether you’re a student sharing the smallest of small kitchens or you’re simply frustrated at the prospect of returning to the communal kitchen at work to find that your lunch has disappeared, name labels will help make sure that your food stays yours!

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