Name Labels That Won’t Be Beaten By The Summer Sun (& The Sun Creams That Are Designed To Protect Against It)

News: Name Labels That Won’t Be Beaten By The Summer Sun (& The Sun Creams That Are Designed To Protect Against It)

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Back in 2013, we did some research into how well name labels cope in the summer months, and specifically into what happens when they come into contact with sun creams and sun lotions.

Name labels are often applied to wash care labels that come into contact with skin when labelled items are worn and, during the summer, this means that they may be exposed to sun creams and lotions. Our research found that many name label products were damaged by this exposure, with the most common problem being disintegration of the print. Obviously, the point of a name label is to identify the owner of an item, so this was a big problem!

We determined that the cause of this problem was the recent introduction of new ingredients into some sun creams and lotions, with titanium dioxide being the most common addition; this ingredient improves the ability of sun creams and lotions to “block” ultraviolet light (by reflecting, scattering, or absorbing it) and is believed to be less irritating than other chemicals (meaning it is better suited for infants or adults with sensitive skin). While this particular ingredient and others like it no doubt improve the efficiency of the sun creams and lotions they are added to, they have the unfortunate side effect of damaging or removing the standard inks used by many companies to print their name labels.

So, in the summer of 2013, we sourced a brand new advanced ink, which proved to be resistant to these new formulas of sun creams and lotions – and we’ve been using it ever since! This means that our Stikins ® name labels are perfectly suited to the summer sun and will remain firmly in place (print and all) throughout the entire year. When we introduced our Trons ® name transfers in 2014, we made sure to test our new product in the same way that we did the old, and found that they are just as resistant to sun creams and lotions as our Stikins ®.

Of course, we know that products like sun creams and lotions will constantly be updated as new technologies and ingredients are utilised, so this summer we repeated our tests to ensure that our name labels are as resistant to sun creams as ever. We re-tested our labels against the main brands of children’s sun creams and found that they are still protected against the ingredients in these products.

More Research Into Our Name Labels:

However, our research also found a trend for adult sun creams and lotions which are made as alcohol based products with large quantities of alcohol based ingredients. The reason for this is that alcohol allows these creams and lotions to remain in a liquid form that is easy to spray onto the skin and prevents clotting or clumping in the bottle before the product can be applied. As the product dries, the alcohol evaporates leaving the cream or lotion in place on the skin. However, if the cream or lotion comes into contact with print on a name label BEFORE the alcohol has evaporated away, the alcohol will either damage or remove the print entirely.

These products smell very strongly of alcohol and are not suitable for children. However, if you are using one of these products we would advise that you allow plenty of time between applying your sun cream or lotion and putting on clothing with a name label or handling an item that has been labelled – this means that the alcohol will have completely evaporated away and the print on your name labels won’t be harmed if it does come into contact with the (now dry) sun cream or lotion.

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