Name Labels 2: Return of the Silver Stikins ® (Kind Of)

News: Name Labels 2: Return of the Silver Stikins ® (Kind Of)

Wednesday 10th June 2015   /   News   /   0 Comment(s)

Name Labels 2: Return of the Silver Stikins ® (Kind Of)


Existing customers who’ve been with us for a number of years will no doubt remember our Original Stikins ® – the original version of Stikins ®, which launched in 2004 and featured different shapes and sizes of white name labels along with optional silver labels for use on lunch boxes, water bottles, and personal items that children needed (or perhaps just wanted) to take to school.

While our Original Stikins ® were discontinued in 2013, we’ve had many a customer commenting that they miss our Original Stikins ® – and now we’ve got some news that we think might just cheer you up!


Okay, so it’s not exactly a completely new product, but we are proud to announce that we now supply a silver version of our Stikins ® name labels.

These labels are exactly the same as the white Stikins ® – they’re simply a different colour!

And for those of you feeling a bit nostalgic for the Original Silver Stikins ® – we hope you’ll love these ones even more than the old ones (particularly as these ones can be used on ALL KINDS of items, including clothing).

Silver Stikins ® are available in the same four pack sizes as our White Stikins ® and – best of all – they cost exactly the same amount. So all you need to do is decide if you prefer white or silver.

Give Our Name Labels a Try

If you want to give our Silver Stikins ® a try, simply order in the usual way and select the “Silver” colour option.

[Of course, if you really CAN’T decide, you could always order a pack of each colour – just in case!]

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