Use One Line Or Two Lines On Name Labels, That Is The Question – But Why Do We Ask It?

FAQ: Use One Line Or Two Lines On Name Labels, That Is The Question – But Why Do We Ask It?

Thursday 26th November 2015   /   FAQ   /   0 Comment(s)

When you order name labels from Label Planet, we give you the option of selecting text on one line or on two lines – and a few customers have asked us why this is.

The simple answer is that it’s all down to size. Name labels are supposed to be discrete when you don’t need them and legible when you do – in other words, they should be small enough that you don’t have a label plastered across your belongings BUT the font should be large enough to make it quick and simple to identify the owner of an item.

Our system is set up to automatically select the largest possible font size for the NUMBER OF CHARACTERS you request in your order.

Therefore, if you require very few characters (e.g. a surname only or a full name where both the first name and the surname are very short), you will actually get a bigger font size by selecting one line rather than two.

When ordering name labels from our site the two line option is the default selection; we find that this setting provides the best possible font size for the majority of our customers (who tend to enter a first name or surname on the top line and then a surname or phone number on the bottom line).

We recommend choosing the one line option ONLY if you are requesting very little text on your name labels. If you are including full names, double barrelled names, and/or any contact information (e.g. a phone number), then we would strongly recommend splitting the information over the two lines.

If you are not sure which option is best for you, you can always take a look at our Print Examples page, which indicates the font size created by a variety of text options, or simply get in touch and we can advise on the best way to layout your text.

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