Sizing Guide FAQ – Just What Size Are Your Name Labels & Other Questions…

FAQ: Sizing Guide FAQ – Just What Size Are Your Name Labels & Other Questions…

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Yes, it’s another FAQ round up and this week it’s all a matter of size…

What size are your name labels?

Our Stikins ® name labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high and our Trons ® name transfers measure 35mm wide by 15mm high.

Name labels are supposed to be discrete until you need them – after all, you don’t want a massive label plastered all over your child’s clothing or personal items – and we find that this size fits neatly onto wash care labels and personal items and provides enough space to fit on the required information in a decent sized font.

Can I order name labels in a different size?

All of our name labels are made in the same size and we do not accept orders for bespoke sizes.

Do the labels get bigger/longer if I put more text on my name labels?

Our system analyses the number of characters you have requested on each line and automatically adjusts the font size to select the largest possible font size that will allow all of your text to fit neatly onto your name labels.

Do you do really, really small name labels?

Our original name label product (the rather obviously named “Original Stikins ®”) included four name labels of different shapes and sizes, one of which was a really, really small label (the rather appropriately named “Micro Label”). Sadly, when we discontinued the line of Original Stikins ®, we also had to discontinue the Micro Labels.

Of course, our current Stikins ® product is made with a highly flexible vinyl, which means you can wrap these labels around smaller items, such as pens and pencils, in place of a really, really small name labels.

You can find more FAQs (and As) on our website here or contact us today!

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