FAQ – How Do I Order Name Labels With One Or Both Lines Left Blank?

FAQ: FAQ – How Do I Order Name Labels With One Or Both Lines Left Blank?

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FAQ – How Do I Order Name Labels With One Or Both Lines Left Blank?

Some of our customers prefer to request labels that are entirely blank or have blank spaces/lines that they can fill in themselves with a laundry or waterproof pen.

This option is ideal if you want to add different information to some or all of the labels within a pack or if you want to add information that you don’t have at the moment – for example, you may need to label the belongings of a friend or relative before they move into a nursing or residential care home but you don’t yet know the room number they will be assigned to.

Here’s a quick guide to requesting labels with a blank space, a blank line, or that are completely blank:

How To Order Name Labels That Are Completely Blank

If you order through our website, you won’t be able to add an item to your basket until you enter something into the two text fields (Enter Line 1 and Enter Line 2); to request blank labels, you simply need to enter a blank space into each box using the space bar on your keyboard.

How To Order Name Labels That Have One Line With Text & One Line Without Text

Enter the text that you want into the appropriate field (use Enter Line 1 to add text to the top line and Enter Line 2 to add text to the bottom line) and use the space bar to enter a space into the other field to request that it is left blank.

How To Order Name Labels That Have A Blank Space At The Start Or End Of A Line

This is a little trickier; as you can see from the instructions above, using the space bar to add a blank space instructs our system to leave a line blank. If you want to create blank spaces that sit before or after your text (for example: leaving a space for a first name followed by the surname OR entering “Room” and leaving space to write in a room number), you can enter spaces using the space bar BUT our system will usually treat these spaces as non-existent and ignore them.

The best thing to do, therefore, is to enter the spaces that you need so we know what you want and then add a note to the “Additional Information” box as you checkout so we can double check that your labels are printed correctly.

Remember, if you’re planning to write on your labels yourself you have to make sure that you use a suitable pen; laundry pens will produce print that will survive repeat trips through the washing machine but the ink from standard pens will simply wash away.

For more tips, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or take a look through our Blog Posts.

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