FAQ – What Size Will The Letters Be On My Name Labels?

FAQ: FAQ – What Size Will The Letters Be On My Name Labels?

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All of our < a title=”name labels” href=”https://www.stikins.co.uk/name-labels-new.php”>name labels measure either 30mm wide by 15mm high (White Stikins ® & Silver Stikins ®) or 35mm wide by 15mm high (Trons ®); we find that this size is large enough to display information in a clear and legible font size when someone wants to read the label, but is small and discrete enough that it won’t draw attention when it isn’t in use.

This means that the font size each set of labels is printed with is determined by the number of characters you request. Our system counts the number of characters on each line and then automatically selects the largest possible font size that will allow all of those characters to fit onto each label.

Our order pages are set to “Name on two lines” by default, although you can opt to change this to “Name on one line” if you wish. We find that the two line layout provides the best possible fit and font size for the majority of our orders; however, the one line layout works well if you are entering a first name or surname only (in other words, the total number of characters you require is quite low).

We’ve put together a few tips to help you decide how much text you want to include and the layout that will work best. We would also advise taking a look at our Stikins Print Examples page, which has a number of example text and layout options to help you get an idea of what each option will look like when printed.


  • Only select the one line option if you have a small amount of text to enter. If you have longer names (especially double barrelled first and/or surnames), contact information, or other text to include on your labels, we would recommend using the default two lines option.
  • If you’re including contact information, we recommend adding the name on one line and the contact information on the other. We also recommend using one piece of contact information only; most choose to include a phone number, which will fit neatly onto our name labels. We also advise using two lines if you are adding other additional information such as medical or allergy information or a message such as “Please Return To” or “Property Of”.
  • Avoid including an email address as your contact information – unless it is quite a short address. The number of characters required for an email address will usually result in a very small font size being selected.

If you have any concerns that the amount of text you want will create too small a font size, please get in touch and we can discuss the best options for you.

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