FAQ – What Should I Put On My Name Labels?

FAQ: FAQ – What Should I Put On My Name Labels?

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We often get queries from customers who would like some advice on what information they should include on their name labels.

Ultimately, the text people choose to include is down to a matter of personal preference, but we do have a few bits of advice to give you an idea of what works (and what doesn’t).

Name Labels:

The majority of our customers simply include their child’s name. Most include the first name on the top line and the surname on the bottom line, which we find tends to give the best font size. Some prefer to enter the full name on one line, but we would advise that you only go for this option if you are entering a relatively short name, as the font size will decrease significantly if you try to fit a long name onto a single line.

Alternative choices include entering a surname only (to share labels), entering initials (to increase the font size), entering nicknames, or entering two or more names (to share labels).

Contact Information

Many of our customers will also opt to add a piece of contact information, to make it easier for items to be returned to them if lost. Most choose to enter the name on the top line and then the contact information on the bottom line, with some entering “Surname Family” or simply the surname on the top line, so that labels can be shared amongst family members.

The most popular choice for contact information is a phone number, which will fit neatly and legibly onto our name labels. Other choices include adding an address (usually in short form or just a postcode), while some opt to add an email address. We would advise against using an email (unless it is extremely short) as emails tend to take up a lot of characters, which results in the labels being printed in a very small font.

A Message

Some parents like to include a message on their name labels, with the most popular choices being “This Belongs To”, “Property Of”, and “Please Return To” (where the message is entered on the top line and the name is entered on the bottom line).

Medical & Allergy Information

Our name labels (and particularly our Stikins ®) are also a popular way to label items with medical and allergy information. Name labels are a quick and easy way to add this important information to a variety of items including food and drink containers and medical supplies. Of course, not only do these labels ensure that your child’s food and medicine remain safe, they can also act as medical alerts in the event of an emergency and ensure that the people who step in to help are aware of your child’s pre-existing medical condition.

If you have any queries about what to include on your labels, or if you are worried that the text you want won’t fit on your labels properly, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you advice.

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