FAQ – What Characters Can I Have Printed On My Name Labels?

FAQ: FAQ – What Characters Can I Have Printed On My Name Labels?

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Most of our customers will only need to use the standard characters A-Z and 0-9, but some of our customers want to order name labels with accented characters.

The good news is we CAN print accented characters – although the bad news is we cannot print ALL accented characters.

Which Accented Characters Can I Request On Name Labels & How Do I Enter Them?

Here at Stikins, we’ve put together a table (see below) to show all of the accented characters that our system CAN print. The way you enter these characters depends on the device you are using when you place your order.


On desktop computers and laptops, you will need to use ASCII codes or keyboard shortcuts to enter accented characters.

PCs: hold down the “Alt” key and type in the relevant ASCII code on the Numeric Keypad (NB: you must have “Num Lock” on for this to work). Laptops without a numeric keypad will usually offer an alternative way to enter ASCII codes OR you can simply use copy and paste.

Macs: hold down the key for the letter you want to enter until a set of alternative characters appears on the screen. To enter one of these characters, either click on the one you want or type the number that appears beneath that character.


Most tablets and smartphones feature two options for entering accented characters:

  1. Alternative Keyboards: you can select a different input keyboard that features accented characters.
  2. Alternative Characters: tap and hold down on the character you want to enter; this will cause your device to display alternatives for you to choose from.
0192 or 183 Á
0193 or 181 Â
0194 or 182 Ä
0196 or 142 Ã
0195 or 199 Å
0197 or 143
à 0224 or 133 á 0225 or 160 â 0226 or 131 ä 0228 or 132 â 0226 or 131 å 0229 or 134
È 0200 or 212 É 0201 or 144 Ê 0202 or 210 Ë 0203 or 211 Ñ 0209 or 165 Æ 0198 or 146
è 0232 or 138 é 0233 or 130 ê 0234 or 136 ë 0235 or 137 ñ 0241 or 164 æ 0230 or 145
ì 0236 or 141 Í 0205 or 214 Î 0206 or 215 Ï 0207 or 216 Õ 0213 or 229 Ç 0199 or 128
ò 0242 or 149 í 0237 or 161 î 0238 or 140 ï 0239 or 139 õ 0245 or 228 ç 0231 or 135
Ù 0217 or 235 ó 0243 or 162 Ô 0212 or 226 Ö 0214 or 153     Ð 0208 or 209
ù 0249 or 151 Ú 0218 or 233 ô 0244 or 147 ö 0246 or 148     ð 0240 or 208
    ú 0250 or 163 Û 0219 or 234 Ü 0220 or 154     Ø 0216 or 157
    Ý 0221 or 237 û 0251 or 150 ü 0252 or 129     ø 0248 or 155
    ý 0253 or 236     Ÿ 0159     ƒ 0131 or 159
            ÿ 0255 or 152     ß 0223 or 225

What do I do if I need an accented character that isn’t in the table above?

Unfortunately, at this time, we simply cannot print these characters. You could choose to have your name printed without accents OR you could write these accents on yourself, with a permanent marker or laundry pen.

Can I add emoticons/icons/images?

We can only print alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers), standard punctuation marks, and the accented characters in the table above – so if you enter something that isn’t one of those characters or symbols, we will not be able to print it.

However, if you’re feeling a bit creative, you can always try creating your own images and patterns using the characters that are available to you ^_^

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