FAQ – Can I Stick Stikins ® Name Labels Onto… AKA Yes, They Really Do Stick Onto Almost Anything!

FAQ: FAQ – Can I Stick Stikins ® Name Labels Onto… AKA Yes, They Really Do Stick Onto Almost Anything!

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In a world where the idea of name labels still conjures the traditional scene of an endless pile of woven name labels that need to be endlessly stitched into an endless pile of school uniform, some of our customers find it hard to believe that Stikins ® simply stick on and stay there. We often get emails and calls from customers who want to make absolutely sure that their Stikins ® will definitely just stick on and to double check that they don’t need to do anything else (with “so I DON’T have to iron them?” being an oft repeated phrase). We’ve also received a handful of reviews beginning with a phrase that goes something along the lines of “so I didn’t think these labels would work but…”.

But YES! They really do just STICK ON and STAY ON!

And there’s really nothing more to it! You simply peel each label off the backing sheet and stick it down – as you would with any kind of label. Our Stikins ® will survive washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, AND microwaves so they can be used to label all kinds of clothing AND all kinds of personal items that you want to keep track of.

It’s all down to the advanced adhesive used on our labels, which has been developed specifically for the purpose of labelling school uniform and equipment. This adhesive has been tested and improved over the years (using the latest materials and manufacturing processes) to make sure that our name labels remain the best they can possibly be – and if our independent testing isn’t enough, these labels have also been thorough and rigorously tested by thousands of families across the country year after year.

So, can you really stick name labels onto anything?

Pretty much. We advise that if you are labelling clothing or similar items, you should always apply Stikins ® to the wash care or garment label. This is because these labels tend to be made of similar materials AND this is where the labels were applied during testing. While our labels can be stuck directly onto clothing and materials, there are so many different combinations of materials that we cannot possibly test them all and so we cannot guarantee that Stikins ® will definitely work if you stick them directly onto clothing.

The soft, pliable vinyl means you can also apply them onto a range of personal items, whether they have a flat or curved surface and the use of these labels is pretty much only limited by how many different things you can think of to label.

In fact, we often find ourselves being surprised as we read reviews from our customers who have come up with a whole heap of creative ways to use their labels! We’ve had customers use them for swimming costumes and equipment (including woggles, floats, and goggles), camping equipment for Guide and Scout groups, medical equipment and supplies, and a whole heap of cuddly toys.

Of course, you may have noticed that this blog post does make use of the word “almost” quite a bit. Alas, there is one item that our Stikins ® name labels have always struggled with – the dreaded pair of socks!

Unfortunately, socks don’t have wash care labels and they are designed to stretch and move around the foot as they are put on, worn, and taken off, which means they don’t have a consistent surface for the adhesive on our name labels to adhere to and form a permanent bond. If you do apply Stikins ® to socks, you may find that they seem to stick on okay at first but as soon as you stretch the sock, the label will begin to peel up and away from the sock. Contact us today to talk to us!

[Of course, if you REALLY want to label your socks, you can always try our OTHER name label product; Trons ® name transfers, which can be applied directly onto the material of ANY item of clothing.]

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