FAQ – Can I Split A Pack Between Different Names?

FAQ: FAQ – Can I Split A Pack Between Different Names?

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We are often contacted by customers who want to know if they are able to split a pack between two or more names. Some of them only want a few name labels for each child, while others are trying to make every penny count and don’t want to buy a pack for each child.

Unfortunately, our system is unable to print different text onto the name labels included within a pack, which means that every single label in an individual pack must be printed with the same information.

However, we are more than happy for customers to get a bit creative with their order to find a workaround that will allow them to share a pack between two or more children. In fact, we even have a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your name labels from Stikins!


How To Order: Select “Name on one line” and enter your surname.

Font Size: This option usually uses fewer characters, which means that your name will print in a bigger, bolder font size.

Alternative Suggestions:

Add “Family” as well as your surname (e.g. Surname Family) so you can share your name labels between the whole family.
Use the “Name on two lines” option to enter your surname on the top line and add contact information, such as a phone number, on the bottom line.
Use the “Name on two lines” option to enter your surname on the bottom line, and use the space bar to enter a blank space on the top line, so you can use a permanent marker or laundry pen to write in a first name on the top line.
If your children have names that begin with the same letter, you could enter the initial and the surname, which can help prevent mix ups if your child shares their surname with another child in their class.


How To Order: Enter one full name on the top line and one full name on the bottom line OR enter both first names on the top line and the surname twice on the bottom line. You can then cut the labels in two to create separate name labels for each child.

Font Size: This option will usually result in a smaller font size – we would recommend avoiding this option if you need to include particularly long names (especially double-barrelled surnames and/or first names). If you choose to put both first names on the top line and the surname twice on the bottom line, please remember that our system will centralise the text you enter before it is printed (in other words, the alignment you see onscreen when you place your order is NOT the alignment that will be used to print your labels). You may wish to add a few spaces between the names to help balance the spacing but this does reduce the size of font that will be used.

Alternative Suggestions:

If you need to enter relatively short first names and surnames, you could select “Name on one line”, enter all of the text on one line, and then cut off one end as needed. For example: “Name 1 Surname Name 2”. Alternatively, you could use initials to save space and increase the font size: “Initial 1 Surname Initial 2”.


How To Order: Enter the first names on the top line and the surname on the bottom line.

Font Size: The font size depends on the number of first names you are adding and the number of letters in the first names and your surname. For example, this option works best if you have two relatively short first names, as the number of letters on the top line will balance out with the number of letters in the surname. If you want to include more than two names, you may want to divide the first names over the two lines.

Alternative Suggestions:

Enter the first names as “Name 1 & Name 2” or “Name 1 or Name 2”.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply have a look through our blog posts, or contact us today.

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