FAQ – Can I Have Text On Three Lines?

FAQ: FAQ – Can I Have Text On Three Lines?

Thursday 13th August 2015   /   FAQ   /   0 Comment(s)


Some of our customers want to include a variety of information on their name labels and are concerned about whether or not the text they want will fit onto their name labels AND remain at a decent sized font.

Our system is able to split information across three lines, which means that a lot of text can be included on name labels at a font size that remains neat and – most importantly – legible.

Perhaps you want to add a message and contact information to your labels, you want to include medical or allergy information along with an emergency contact, or you want to include two pieces of contact information – in any case you’ll want ALL of the information to be printed in a clear, legible font and the easiest way to do this is to split the information over three lines instead of two.

While our system will automatically split lengthy text across three lines, we would advise customers who want three lines to either get in touch with us before they place their order to discuss the text that they want or that they add a note to their order in the checkout noting that they would prefer text over three lines. This way we can ensure that the text is split across three lines and in the most efficient way possible.


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